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    Radermacher's own copies

    A list of books that once belonged to Radermacher, traced in various libraries. Compiled by Marja Smolenaars.

    Second part of the manuscript bible that belonged to Radermacher's mother. The first part had probably belonged to his brother Gerlach. This first part is now in the collection of the Koninklijk Oudheidkundig Genootschap of Amsterdam. Radermacher's part was destroyed in WWII, but two folia could be rescued and are now in the Provinciale Bibliotheek van Zeeland at Middelburg.
    Ref.: J.A.A.M. Biemans, Middelnederlandse bijbelhandschriften. Leiden, 1984/5 [Codices manuscripti sacrae scripturae Neerlandicae], nos. 257-258; and P. Scherft, "De huisbijbel van Maria Hupperts: een verloren schat" in Archief: Mededelingen van het Koninklijk Zeeuwsch Genootschap der Wetenschappen, 1994, pp. 53-84.
    Marcus Tullius Cicero, De officiis. [Mainz:] Johann Fust and Peter Schoeffer, 1465.
    The 7-line intial letter Q on leaf [a1r] in red and blue ink contains Radermacher's motto. This copy, although the initial clearly indicates the ownership of Radermacher, cannot be found in the auction catalogue. Later owners of the book (Henrik Ter Borch (late 17th/early 18th century?), Anthony Askew (1772-1774), William Hunter (1718-1783) and Glasgow University Library) give us no clue as to how the book may have left Radermacher's possession. Did he sell it before his death? Did he give it away? Was it borrowed and not returned? Or was it kept in the family and sold separately at a later date?
    Copy: Glasgow University Library, shelfmark: Bg.2.23. [a1r]: In manibus Dominj sortes meae [monogram] 8 cal. Dec. 1579. With thanks to Jack Baldwin of the Glasgow Incunabula Project.

    Ref.: ISTC ic00575000
    Possible identification: Manuscript 123 of Bibliothèque d'Etude et du Patrimoine Bibliothèque de Toulouse, described as Pontifical containing: Benedictio baptisterii, De benedictione sacerdotalium indumentorum in genere, De benedictione ymaginis beate Marie, Messes pontificales, and other writings. Fol. 2 contains an escutcheon surrounded by a wreath. The crest is a (bishop's?) mitre. Arms: sable, a chevron gules, between three fleur-de-lys azure; in chief what looks like a horizontal cross between two red (gules) bands [please excuse unsophisticated description, suggestions welcome]. The words IN MANIBVS DOMINI SORTES MEÆ are written around the shield, between the shield and the wreath. The writing is not in Radermacher's usual handwriting, but 'printed' in capital letters, which makes a definite identification difficult.
    Manuscript 15-16th cent., 62 ff, 202mm.

    MS 123   
    Ref.: Catalogue Général des Manuscrits des Bibliothèques Publiques des Départements, vol. VII Toulouse-Nîmes, Paris, 1885, p. 58. With thanks to Jocelyne Deschaux, Conservateur Patrimoine écrit.
       Theol 4º 86
    Biblia en lengua española. Ed. J. de Vargas & D. Pinel. Ferrara, D. Pinel, a costa de I. de Vargas; [pr. Abraham Usque], 1553. fol. - J. de Vargas is the pseudonym of Yom Tob Atias, D. Pinel that of Abraham Usque. fol.
    Copy: Biblioteca Nacional, Portugal, shelfmark: RES. 412 A. On title-page: In manibus Dominj sortes meae. 1568.
    Ref.: -
        Hisp fol 3
    Psalterium, Hebraeum, Graecum, Arabicum, & Chaldaeum, cum tribus latinis interpraetationibus & glossis.Ed. Augustinus Iustinianus. genuae, in aedibus N.I. Pauli; pr. P.P. Porrus, 1516. 4º.
    Copy: Foyle Special Collections, Kings's College, London, shelfmark: R 2/7. On verso of title-page: In manibus Dominj sortes meæ An. Chrs. 1568. With thanks to Hugh Cahill.
    Ref.: -
        Theol fol 11
    Otfridi Euangeliorum liber. Euangelien Buch in altfrenckischen reimen durch Otfriden von Weissenburg [...] beschriben. Ed. Matthias Flacius Illyricus. Basileae, 1571. 8º.
    Copy: Leiden University Library, shelfmark: 1498 E 15. On title-page: In manibus Dominij sortes meae. 20 Jan. 1579.
    Ref.: Rolf H. Bremmer Jr., "Constantijn Huyghens' interest in Old Germanic: A lost book from his library retrieved" in Living in Posterity. Essays in Honour of Bart Westerweel, ed. J.F. van Dijkhuizen et al., 2004, pp. 39-45.
        Ger 8º-12º 8
    Bruele, Gualtherus. Praxis medicinae theorica et empirica familiarissima. Antuerpiae, ex officina C. Plantini, 1579, fol.
    Copy: Bibliothèque de l'Academie nationale de médecine, Paris, shelfmark: D32(1). On title-page: In manibus Domini sortes meæ 17. cal. dec. A° 1588. With thanks to Damien Blanchard.
    Ref.: -
        Med fol 32
    Die Cronica van der hilliger Stat van Coellen. [Cologne], I. Koelhoff, 1499. fol.
    Copy: Deventer Stads- en Atheneumbibliotheek, shelfmark: 33 D 12. On title-page: In manib. Dominj sortes meae. 22 Julij 1606. With thanks to Wilma Houwers.
    Ref.: M.E. Kronenberg, Catalogus van de incunabelen in de Athenæum-bibliotheek te Deventer, 1917, pp. 44-45.
        Ger fol 14
    Phayer, Thomas. A book of presidens exactly written in manner of a register. London, in aedibus R. Tottelli, 1576. 8º.
    Copy: Harvard University Library, shelfmark: unknown. On title-page: In manibus Dnj sortes meae. 21 Martij 1577. Digital image of title-page via Early English Books Online.
    Ref.: EEBO - STC 177:02.
        Angl fol 28
    Tortelli, Giovanni. Ioannis Arretini Tortelii Commentariorum grammaticorum de orthographia dictionum e Grecis tractarum prohemium incipit ad sanctissimum patrem Nicolaum quintum pontificem maximum. Manuscript 15th century, 380 x 255 mm, 302 ff.
    Copy: Academia das Cièncias, Lisbon, shelfmark: unknown. On f.1r: In manibus Domini sortes meae, 28 Iunii 1580.
    Ref.: Maria Donata Rinaldi, "Fortune e diffusione del 'De orthographia' de Giovanni Tortelli" in Italia Medioevale e Humanistica, vol. 16 (1973), p. 241.
        Hist fol 90
    Vincentius Bellovacensis. Speculum morale.
    Copy sold by Bloomsbury Auctions 29 November 2011 (sale 35857). Catalogue description: 266 ff., double column, 74 lines plus head-line, Gothic type, major initials in blue with red penwork Maiblumen decoration, most with ornate marginal flourishes (extensive to the first initial), other initials in red or blue, paragraph-marks and initial-strokes in red, small section torn away from lower corner of b7 and r6, l6 with partially repaired tear within text, no loss, final 'Registrum' f. at end repaired at head, with loss of '…istrum', occasional water-staining, heavier to a few ff., some staining or soiling, modern blind-stamped vellum, [BMC V, 358; Goff V-291], folio, [Venice], [Hermann Liechtenstein], [1493]. Provenance: 'In manibus Domini sortes meae [?notary's sign] 4 Aprilis 1582' (ink inscription to recto of first fol.).
        Th fol 149

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