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    1    The Bible, London 1576B101
    2     The Boux of Martis 2 volumes, London 1570. vnto Iohn DayeF47
    3     Statutes Edoardi sexti, London.E16
    4     Statutes Henrici 3. vnto the first yere of the reigne of our most Gratious & Victorius Souverainge Lord King Henry the 8. 1543. 2 volum.E15
    5     Biblioteca Eliotæ, Londini 1559.E9
    6     Thomas More contra Tindal, London 1532.T35
    7     Dictionaire in Englishe, Latin and French, London.E61
    8     An Answer of the most reverend Father in God Tomas Archibiscop of Canterburye, vnto a Crafti and Sophistical Carulation devised by Stephen Gardine, London 1551.C188
    9     Riders Dictionarie, London 1606.R28
    10     The Annales of England, by John Stow, London.S143
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    11     A Collection of al the Statutes (from the beginning of Magna Carta vnto the yere of our Lord 1557) which were before that yere Imprinted 1559. Londen.E13
    12     An Apologie for the Oath of Allegiance first set foorth without a name, London 1609.J3
    13     A true and perfect Relacion of the whole procedings against the late most Barbarous Traitors Garnet a Iesuit, London 1606.T71
    14     An learned Commentarie vpon the Revelation of St. Iohn by Patrix Forbes, Middelbourg, 1614. Item a defence of the lawfull calling of the Ministers of Reformed Churches against the cavillations of formanists eodem Autore.F42
    15     27 Lectures or Reading vpon part of the Epistle written to the Hebrues, 1576.D31
    16     Newe Jewel of health, London 1576.G72
    17     Morall Philosophie, London.B224
    18     Positions wherin those primitiue circumstances be examined, London 1581.M143
    19     Constitutions and Canons Ecclesiaticall, London 1604.E20
    20     The greate abbridgement of all the Statutes of England.E14
    21     Historie of the Churse of Scotland.K16
    22     An Abridgement of the Chronicles of England, London 1564.G99
    23     Actes of Votaries, Londen.B9
    24     Common Prayer, Londen.E19
    25     The new Testament, Geneve 1557.B195
    26     Charkes Replie to the Censure, London 1581.C104
    27     The Image of bot Churches, by Iohn Bale, London.B10
    28     A booke of Presidens exactly written in manner of a Register, Londen 1576.P70
    29     Little Tontenures in Englishe, London 1574.L84
    30     A short Introduction of Grammar, Londen 1576.L64
    31     The expositions of the termes of the Lawes of Engl. 1575E79
    32     A Breviat Chronicle.B281
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    33     Two Sermons of the Saincts hope 1610.F41
    34     [1] Cronicles of England by Iohn Stow 1584. [2] 12. Acten van Parlementen de 10. onder Coninginne Elisabet, ende 2. onder Coninck Iacobus.S144;
    35     [1] The boock of Fortun in folio 1561. [2] The first part of the Elementaire which entreateth chefelie of the right writting of our English tung set furth by Richard Mulcaster, Lond. 1582. ongebonden.S122;

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